MintMe the Coin for Creators

If you are creative and have an idea with no easy way to monetize it then MintMe is for you. It provides a way to automatically create an ethereum compatible token and offer it for sale on the MintMe exchange. Choose the distribution frequency and number of tokens and they are yours to sell denominated in MintMe coins. Use your tokens to offer services to increase their value and offer airdrops to increase interest and participation in your token. Spread the word on social media and bring more focus to your project and token.

MintMe was launched in mid-2018 as WebChain with a single goal in mind, to provide easy access to ERC20/ERC203 smart contract tokens on a dedicated blockchain. It is powered by a CPU-friendly PoW algorithm and offers a full-feature exchange where tokens can be created by anyone and integrated into the blockchain. A browser based embedded miner is also made available for webmasters to monitize their publications. BTC and ETH are offered for sale or exchange with over 20,000 registered users and almost 6,000 unique tokens currently being offered. Total coin supply is limited to approximately 564 million and the project was self-funded with no ICO and a fast block time of 15 seconds.

This project is very unique in the crypto world and deserves more more attention especially given it’s low coin price and huge potential to help people realize their goals. The team is very active on Discord and and implements may recommendations for enhancements from the community. Take a look at this hidden gem, you won’t be sorry that you did.




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